2021 Event Partners

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A platform for survivors, practitioners, and allies to connect in community, learning, and advocacy through the radical inquiry of patriarchy. The Engendered Collective’s Advisory Board is comprised of survivors, advocates, activists, and pro-feminist allies from all across the globe.

SNAP, the Survivors Network, has been providing support for victims of sexual abuse in institutional settings for 30 years. We have more than 25,000 survivors and supporters in our network. Our website is SNAPnetwork.org

The Stop Abuse Campaign prevents Adverse Childhood Experiences (Childhood trauma) through public policy and public education. 

We choose specific, actionable campaigns that resonate with the public and help protect children from trauma like abuse and neglect. Our well-read blog educates about child abuse, domestic violence, trauma prevention, and recovery. We work with over 300,000 supporters engaging them in our campaigns to prevent abuse.